Motorola MBP26 Digital Video Monitor Babysense Bundle

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Motorola MBP26 Digital Video Monitor & Sensor Mat Bundle

Motorola’s MBP26 Digital Video Baby Monitor will give you the reassurance that your child is resting peacefully. Equipped with 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for sound clarity, you can feel comfortable that your little one will come through loud and clear when they need you. The 2.4-inch LCD colour display shows video monitoring, with infrared night vision to allow for full coverage even in the dark. Data encryption is built-in for added security.

Add these features to the Babysense 5 sensor mat alarm and you have complete peace of mind. The Babysense 5 sensor uses two highly sensitive pads that are placed underneath the cot or crib mattress to detect the rise and fall of your baby’s chest. After 20 seconds without movement the high-pitched alarm will sound, waking you and your baby, which enables you to get to them quickly and deal with the situation. The alarm will also sound if the sensor pads detect ten or fewer movements per minute, which can indicate partial loss of breath or respiratory problems.

The parent unit attaches directly to the cot, the system is easy to install, and you can use either one or two of the pads for use in Moses baskets, cribs, or cot beds. Babysense 5 operates on a ‘hidden cable concept’, so there are no cords, plugs, or connection to mains power; the unit runs on standard batteries.


2.4 GHz FHSS technology with two-way communication

The 2.4 GHz FHSS technology offers a more reliable wireless connection than previous cordless technologies, which means better range and less chance of missing something important in your baby’s room due to a weak or dropped signal. The MBP26 also features two-way communication, so you can speak or sing to your baby remotely or communicate with a partner in the room.

Colour LCD screen with infrared night vision

A full-colour 2.4-inch LCD display shows real-time video and sound in your baby’s room, letting you keep informed of what’s going on visually as well as audibly. Infrared night vision means you can also stay in touch with what’s going in your baby’s room without any lights to disturb little sleepers.

Up to 200 metres range with out-of-range warning

The strong wireless range of the MBP26 lets you keep connected to your baby up to 200 metres away, so even if you have a larger home you don’t have to give up safety or the ability to stay connected to your little one. An alarm sounds when you’re getting out of range of the transmitting unit, so you’ll never have to wonder if you’re close enough to hear what’s going on.

Features of the MBP26 monitor

LED alerts for sound-activated lights

LEDs on the MBP26 baby monitor indicate the level of sound activity in the room, letting you keep an eye on your baby’s activity by a simple visual representation.

Digital pan and tilt

Control the MBP26’s camera to pan and tilt the video image as needed. You can also expand the monitoring capabilities of your MBP26 with up to four cameras in total.

Data encryption for security

The Motorola MBP26 encrypts the audio data it transfers for added security and peace of mind.

CE medically certified

Why use breathing sensors?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is marked by the sudden death of an infant that is not predicted by medical history, and remains unexplained after a thorough forensic autopsy and detailed death scene investigation.

As infants are at the highest risk for SIDS during sleep, it is sometimes referred to as cot or crib death. Typically, the infant is found dead after having been put to bed, and exhibits no signs of having suffered.

What do breathing sensors do?

Breathing sensors notify the parent in the case of a cessation of breathing, and make a strong audible alarm that wakes the baby up.

Why use Babysense?

Babysense constantly monitors your sleeping baby’s breathing movements, alerts you if movements stop or become irregularly slow, and gives you peace of mind and confidence that you’ll know if your baby needs you.

Safe, proven technology used worldwide

Babysense is the original infant movement monitor. It has been used around the world since 1992. Babysense is CE-certified as a class IIb medical device in hospitals in Europe and Asia. The passive sensors built into sensor pads are totally safe and emit no radiation of any kind that might harm the baby. Babysense operates on regular AA batteries and has no dangerous power cords.

Box Contains

1 x Baby unit
1 x Parent unit
2 x Mains adaptors
2 x Rechargeable batteries
2 x User guides
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Baby Wifi camera

Tenvis professional Indoor mini wireless wifi security CCTV IP Camera webcam baby monitor JPT3815/JPT3815W

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Motion Detection alarm function
Image snapshot camera
Image sensor 1/4 Color CMOS Lens 3.6MM Infrared LED 10 PCS ø5 Pixel 300,000 Night vision Distance 12 AWS/AGC/AES/ exposure Auto Min. Illumine 0.1Lux Audio Audio 2- way audio Input Built-in Microphone Output Built-in Speaker Video Image format PAL/NTSC Compression MJPEG Max. frame rate 25 fps Resolution 640×480(VGA), 320×240(QVGA) Pan/Tilt PT Angle Horizontal 270°; Vertical 90° Level Speed 0 – 16 °/s Vertical Speed 0 – 16 °/s Network Wi-fi IEEE 802.11b/g

Tenvis large

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Tenvis baby monitor.

Unbelievable price for what it does. Instructions very clear except for the password. Purchaser need to know that it refers to modem password. Thanks for a superb product.

Fantastic little baby camera for the money

Fantastic little camera for the money. Bit of a hassle getting it to work externally but once I got my head round external IP address and static ports, off I went with the iPhone App. For the money this is brilliant and does what is says on the tin. Just a shame there is no means of recording.

Great wifi baby monitor

I got this today and I’m glad that I didn’t listen to the bad reviews. Since I have experience using a Mac and setting up network equipment it took me less than 5 minutes to set up everything and install in the baby’s nursery. For someone with less experience it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Once you setup the camera on your network it’s dead easy to access via any computer or mobile device (with both iOS and Android native apps!).
The picture quality is fine for what you pay but don’t expect HD picture quality. The sound is a bit disappointing, both ways sound very distorted.
Given the price this is a perfect little camera.

Tenvis baby monitor
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Googo Wifi Video Camera

Googo Wifi Video Camera Baby Monitor for IOS/Android iPhone iPad

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Very good easy to use internet camera. Good value for your money. Can be used as digital baby monitor or as CCTV camera for your office, home or holiday home.

Ideal for traffic safety, baby care, home safety, wildlife exploration, office sensitive sites monitoring.

Connect with IOS and Android smartphone and tablet PC by WIFI functionality

Can be used without any external network
Change password on the customer’s phone or tablet PC
Built-in Microphone Peer-to-peer communication

Googo Wifi Video Camera Baby Monitor

GOOGO Camera is the first of its kind camera which can be connected to IOS and ANDROID smartphone and tablet PC by the WI-FI functionality for peer-to-peer communication.
With password protected access to the video stream, camera can take photographs and record the audio and video as well.
GOOGO Camera can be used without any external network, such as WI-FI router.
It becomes a Wifi access point on its own without the need of any additional networks.
Can ideally be used for traffic safety, baby care, home safety, wildlife exploration, office sensitive sites monitoring.

It has portability, security, privacy, independence, low radiation and low power consumption. What more do you need?!!

Love it, I’m going to buy more so I can have them in more than one spot. I leave it looking out at my door it’s like caller display for the door!!!

GOOGO Camera
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Chicco Top Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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Chicco, the Top Audio Digital Baby Monitor allows parents to stay in contact and communicate with their child thanks to two way communication. A useful support for organising the families day, thanks to its 5 alarms that indicate when it is time for baby to eat, take medicine, visit the paediatrician, be changed and go to sleep, when transmission between the units is active or not.

The Vibra-Call Function, Voice Activation, and the date and time of alarms can all be set via the internal menu on the parent unit.

Chicco Top Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The 2 inch display allows parents to monitor the temperature recorded in the baby’s room at any time.

With the Mp3 connection, baby can listen to their favourite music and be soothed to sleep with the help of the night light. DECT Digital Technology ensures zero interference and exclusivity of communication between units.

The Top Audio Digital Baby Monitor is extremely compact and lightweight through its use of a lithium battery included in the parent unit.

Chicco Top Box Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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Chicco Top Digital Video Baby Monitor

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I really wanted to leave a review of this product, as there are none and the info elsewhere online is limited. So i hope the following is of some use.

Packaging is relatively frustration free, first of all. The monitor itself looks pretty good, camera and picture quality are excellent, night vision is superb, zoom function is terrific, and the speaker function is quality also. All far superior to the Motorola MBP36. Battery life is good also. Viewing angle is very wide. HOWEVER, it is a static camera, and this is the only feature that lets the design down. Touch screen is a little gimmicky also. All in all, a very good product, and I would guess, one of the best video monitors currently available. I deduct a star purely because the first one we were sent didn’t work, and it being a static camera limits it a bit. But it really is very good, and worth the investment.

Chicco Top Digital Video Baby Monitor

The Top Digital Video Baby Monitor allows you to stay in contact and communicate with baby at all times thanks to two-way communication. Using the large, 3 inch, touch screen display, you can access the intuitive “App style” menu and enlarge the image of the baby up to twice the normal size, thanks to the video camera’s digital zoom. Using the display, you can also set up the date, time, up to 5 reminders, Voice Activation and select the brightness of the image on the display.
In addition, you can program the units internal contact list in which you can store useful numbers and keep them handy. The baby unit allows you to play 6 stored lullabies or your preferred music by connecting an Mp3 player via the audio cable included. The unit also displays the temperature reading of the baby’s room at any time, and features a night light to help soothe baby to sleep. The ability to take pictures and record videos allows you to store and relive the most memorable moments of your baby’s growth on the parent unit.
The digital technology ensures zero interference and exclusivity of communication between the units. Both units can operate with batteries or an AC adapter.

Chicco Digital Video Baby Monitor

Digital Video monitor allows parents to stay in contact with children and communicate with them, thanks to a two-way communication function.

Using the large 3″ touchscreen display you can access the menu and use the camera’s digital zoom to focus in on your baby. The parent unit allows you to set the date and time, has 5 reminder alarms, voice activation, and brightness display adjustment.

Digital Video also brings the art of capturing your baby’s sleeptime moments either with photo or video recording allowing you to relive the most memorable moments of your baby’s growth

plays 6 lullabies and is compatible with MP3 player (not included) connected via an audio cable (included in the package), so you can play your favourite songs to your baby. The unit also has temperature display and a 2-setting nightlight to reassure the baby during sleep

Power Supply: Lithium Battery & 2 mains adaptors (included)
Frequency: 1880-1900 MHz
Range: 330 Metres Maximum with clear line of sight
(typical indoor range is typically 50-60 metres due to the signal being blocked by walls and floors etc)

Chicco  Video Baby Monitor

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Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor (Deluxe)

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Purchased these Angelcare AC401 monitor after reading so many great reviews, I can confirm these reviews are correct! Having these put my mind completely at ease! Without them I don’t know how I would have slept! Easy to set up too.

Two portable rechargeable parent units, clip to your belt and monitor baby on-the-go

Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor

Under-the-mattress SensorPad to monitor all your baby’s movements
Variable sensitivity settings, alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds
Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission and security with the combination of 8 channels and 2 frequencies
Full colour digital display, batteries or mains operated

Box Contains
2 x Parent units
2 x Charging cradles
1 x Nursery unit (4 x AAA batteries required, not included)
1 x SensorPad (hardboard required, not included)
2 x AC adapters
4 x AAA rechargeable batteries (for parent unit)
1 x Instruction manual

Angelcare AC401 Baby Sound Monitor

The Angelcare AC401 Deluxe 2-in-1 Movement & Sound Baby Monitor watches over your baby when you can’t, picking up even the most subtle of breathing movements. The combination of two frequencies and eight channels provides crystal clear transmission and optimal privacy. The portable LCD colour parent units clearly display the temperature of the baby alongside the activated functions.

Features include temperature control, an out of range indicator, and the optional ‘tic’ sound feature which reassures you that the breathing movements are being monitored. The recognisable Angelcare halo on the nursery unit also acts as a soothing nightlight, allowing you to check on your baby with minimal disruption. The monitor can also be mains or battery operated.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

A must have for every parent
After a very scary ‘near miss’ with our little 3 month old (I checked on him when sleeping and he wasn’t breathing – thankfully he was revived with CPR) it was recommended that I purchase the Angelcare monitors. What can I say, they are great. They have given me great peace of mind and are very easy to work. I have used them with the cot and also a travel cot and have had no problems. Wished I had known about them earlier.

Total piece of mind
Purchased these after reading so many great reviews, I can confirm these reviews ate correct! Having these put my mind completely at ease! Without them I don’t know how I would have slept! Easy to set up too.

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Hush Comfort Plus Digital Baby Monitor

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I am so pleased with this product. I can hear the baby immediately and the sound is very clear (you can adjust the sensitivity of the sound and also the volume). There are several other features, e.g. talk-back, night light, lullabies and they are all so useful. It’s also extremely easy to use. Highly recommended! Hush Comfort Plus Digital Baby Monitor – Good quality, high sensitivity, buttons on front and can talk to baby through the monitor and relays clearly. Can page your partner from babies room. Digital display clearly shown, temperature of baby room is shown on the parent monitor. Very impressed. Great value for the money.

A new name has entered the baby monitor market combining high value with high performance. Available in audio and video versions, the Hush brand is based on low-energy, user-friendly technology.

So What’s So Good About the Hush Comfort Plus?

Keep tabs on your baby from up to 50m away (300m if you’re outdoors) with the Hush Comfort Plus Digital Baby Monitor. One of the most high tech tot-watchers on the market, this clever two-way communicator will monitor your sleeping baby (and even the temperature of the room) while you grab some much needed rest. All of the data is fed to the digital display on your parent unit, which you can clip to your belt or rest in its charging cradle by the bed. When your baby wakes up, the monitor will let you know. The talkback function on the Baby Monitor lets you talk to your baby from anywhere in the house, soothing them back to sleep, reassuring them with your voice, or even remotely playing one of 5 polyphonic lullabies.

But nothing can replace actual human contact when it comes to sending them back to sleep. When you do pay them a visit, the baby unit has a built-in nightlight so you won’t need to dazzle them with the main room light. With all these functions it’s the closest you can get to having your baby in the same room all the time. It’s the ideal way to put your mind at ease and let you get on with being a grown-up again.

The Parent unit (receiver) features an LCD display with blue backlighting, digital volume control, noise sensor lamp, remote control for transmitter unit, two way communication (transmitter and receiver), temperature monitoring with alarm function for room being monitored, real time clock with alarm clock function (wake, feed etc), visual and acoustic low battery charge, baby alarm and out of range alarm, and a belt clip.

The Baby unit (sender) features ECO mode, voice operated exchange (VOX), switchable night light, paging function between transmitter and receiver units, five different lullabies, adjustable micro-phone sensitivity, and mains or battery operation.

Both the Parent and the Baby unit feature large clear button controls, making them easy to use even in darkened rooms.

LCD Display

It’s easy to keep an eye on how your baby is doing with the LCD display featured on the parent unit. This display allows you to monitor temperature and noise levels, as well as allowing you to set timed alarms (for feeds, etc.) and giving you warnings when the the battery charge is getting low.

Talk to Baby

Does your baby need soothing, yet you’re at the other end of the house? Simply hit the “Talk” button on the Parent unit and you’ll be able to let your baby hear the sound of your voice instantly.

Out of Range and Low Battery Warning

The Hush Parent and Baby units will let you know if you’re moving out of range, or if the battery is getting low. That way, you can continue your day without worrying that you’re missing out when your baby needs attention.

Temperature Monitor

Keeping a steady and mild temperature can be crucial to a good night’s sleep for your baby. By integrating a temperature monitor into the Hush Comfort Plus, you’ll be able to see how warm or cold baby’s room is, and take action by turning on heaters or opening windows before baby is disturbed.

Switchable Nightlight

Need to get something from baby’s room, but don’t wish to disturb them by turning on the main light? The switchable nightlight on the Baby unit allows you to see what you’re doing in baby’s room without disturbing them.

Remote Controlled Lullabies

Choose from five lullabies you can activate to help soothe baby back to sleep.

Box Contains
Parent unit (receiver)
Baby unit (sender)
Transport bag
Charging pod with mains adapter
Mains adapter with power cord

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:
Simple but works!
I bought this to replace a more expensive monitor that had broken. This one is cheaper and perhaps looks a bit cheaper when you get it set up etc but so far so good. It works well and is suitably sensitive to my baby’s noises. You can change sensitivity as well which is good, e.g. If you want to hear everything or if you just want to hear if they shout etc.

great job
I am very happy with this baby monitor hush comfort plus and i would definitely recommend it to others .

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iHealth iBaby Monitor for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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I bought 2 of these iBaby monitor cameras and followed the basic set up instructions on the app… both cameras worked a treat, can view online throughout the house and easily on 3G while out. Seamless connection to WiFi at work so can keep an eye on what’s happening with peace of mind! Definitely recommend!

Unlike stationary monitors, the iBaby camera lens follows your little one with a quick up/down, left/right swipe of your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or click of your PC mouse. If baby moves out of the camera eye, easily reposition the iBaby monitor from anywhere your mobile device or PC can connect. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your babyʼs movement or cry activates an alert to you, while 2-way audio capability carries your soothing voice when itʼs needed most, wherever you happen to be.
Infrared night vision lets you keep a watchful eye without disturbing babyʼs sleep, and you can take unlimited pictures using your iOS deviceʼs existing camera.

iHealth iBaby Monitor for iPhone

Whether youʼre at work, the gym, on a business trip or running errands, seeing and hearing your baby is now as easy as swiping your iOS touch screen or clicking your PC mouse. Up to 4 users in different locations share a single iBaby monitor, so relatives and friends can simultaneously watch, hear, speak to and sing with baby during birthdays, milestone events (such as first steps) or any time. Even when you canʼt be there in person, you can still share the moment and capture it in photos.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:
Don’t listen to the bad press
Awesome product, don’t listen to the bad press, we have a basic wifi router and the product works brilliant, my sister can check in in Australia, our grandparents can listen to the baby 300miles away.

Its all in the setting up!
I didn’t buy the first camera from Amazon but I am just about to purchase 2 more as this machine just could not be better. It is perfect IF IS SET UP PROPERLY. However, I can agree with most of the negative comments as well as the positive ones! A strange thing to say maybe but here goes: When we first had it I could not get it to work at all. After a bit of fiddling by an IT friend we got it sort of going and could at least see the potential if we got it working properly. My daughter is profoundly disabled and her father seemed to be displaying advanced symptoms of vascular dementia (all sorted now as it was in fact an operable condition that mimicked dementia) but as you might guess we had some major safety issue in the house at that time. We were initially trying the first camera out at night in my home office and could see everything perfectly. The night vision in this camera is exceptional in the office (there is a clue there) but it didn’t seem so good in other rooms. I have tried an awful lot of similar items from baby monitors to full CCTV cameras but this still seemed by far the best I had tried so I was pretty highly motivated to persevere and see if we could get it working all around the house. We shelved it for a while and looked at other options but kept coming back to this one as the favourite, but always with the “if only” option:

Eventually, out of sheer frustration I mentioned it to our TV repair engineer when he came to sort out one of our TVs. Luckily for me he had a particular interest in CCTV cameras as a hobby and was also pretty computer literate. Knowing the house well he immediately pointed out that we had solid brick walls downstairs and far too much electric/electronic equipment for the single router we had to work properly in other rooms, We had noticed WiFi was sometimes low in other areas of the house but had not made the connection having assumed we would have to put up with it as the sheer volume of techie stuff that we had would interfere with the router and the camera anyway. He upgraded the router in my office (I didn’t even know there were different grades) and put an addition router on an extension through to the lounge on the other side of the house. It is only an average size 4 bed house) He then followed the instructions for setting up the cameras to the letter and voila we had a perfect system and yes I can watch and hear what is going on at home whilst I am in other rooms, out shopping, out visiting clients etc with perfect clarity. For the sake of a small sum of money I was able to add a small unobtrusive, external microphones to each camera in the house and I now have two way communication on my iphone both inside the house and whilst 6 miles away in town shopping. It gives me peace of mind. I have so far tried it up to 40 miles away and still have absolute clarity of vision. In fact the manager of the shop I bought my microphones from was so impressed with the clarity and operation that he is looking into selling them.

If you need a good camera this one is certainly worth every penny. I paid £169.99 each at the Apple store and would have cheerfully paid the same price for the next two (I now have six). I am just thrilled to be looking at a substantial reduction on them via Amazon so please don’t let this item drop out of sight. Buy one and buy another router if necessary. That is almost certainly the reason for the pausing and dropping out of the picture. There isn’t anything wrong with the cameras, all of mine work perfectly every time day and night(unless a certain someone has accidentally switched one off) and I also have much better WiFi reception all over the house for all our other WiFi devices. It is an additional expense yes, but most reviewers seem to want them for baby monitoring and nothing is more precious than our kids. Later on you can use it as a mini CCTV system, they work just as well when focused outside through glass and mine helped me identify an issue in the street for a third party which they have since been able to act on. You can pan these cameras remotely and watch several at the same time from a computer screen.

Great Baby Monitor
Very good baby monitor – Easy to setup and works with my iPhone and on my PC and mac at work. Highly recommended for all parents.

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Motorola MBP36 3.5-inch Video Baby Monitor Quad Camera Set

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Simple and easy to use with all the features you need to monitor a sleeping baby. We researched lots of monitors and eventually went for this one. We’re first time parents of a 7 week old and first impressions of this video monitor are that it has been designed by people who understand what parents want, and it meets our needs very well.

Has a large 3.5″ LCD colour screen and LED’s on the parent unit to indicate noise level from camera
Built in microphone and speakers for two-way communication
Integrated Infrared LED’s for night vision
Remote pan, tilt and zoom compatibility expanding the monitoring view
Range of up to 200 meters

Motorola MBP36 3.5-inch Video Baby Monitor Quad Camera Set

The Motorola MBP36 3.5” Video Baby Monitor is a prestigious monitor with many integrated features. The parent unit has a large 3.5” LCD colour screen and is designed with a handy belt clip and flip stand for ultimate portability, also the parent unit includes LED lights for visual sound indication, so you do not always need the volume up at night. The Motorola MBP36 is also simple to use with minimal buttons on the parent unit, which can also enable you to remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera expanding your area of viewing. The camera has integrated night vision and night light for monitoring your baby 24/7. Its wireless technology provides a range of up to 200 meters ensuring you are always connected in your home. The monitor and camera has built in speakers and a microphone enabling two-way communication, night vision and is also wall mountable so you can place the camera anywhere in the baby’s room. This package has a total of 4 cameras.

Box Contains
1 x Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor
3 x Motorola MBP36 Additional Cameras

To buy this Motorola MBP36 3.5-inch Video Baby Monitor Quad Camera Set please click on the link below
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Babymoov Thermo Hygrometer

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To control the temperature and humidity in your baby’s bedroom.

Babymoov Thermal Hygrometer

Indicates the room temperature and the humidity rate
Indicates the minimal and maximal temperature during a given period
Blue “black-light” screen
Product stability with “third foot”
Innovative “raindrop” design

To buy this Babymoov Thermo Hygrometer please click on the link below
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